Beach Day 1-Breakfast Buffet at Bella Vista

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Tuesday, August 3 was a sunny, glorious day. The beach was beckoning. So was breakfast. Zung and I headed downstairs to Bella Vista. Bella Vista serves a buffet for breakfast with an ala carte menu as well, currently is serving ala carte for lunch and buffet for dinner. Every time we have visited it has had the buffet for breakfast, it has had a buffet lunch and the dinner buffet has not always been available. I believe it depends on occupancy.

Bella Vista is on the ground floor of the main building, right inside the tranquility pool. We picked up a copy of USA Today, the Mexican Carribean edition, which is on a desk outside Bella Vista. Sometimes this is delivered to your room and we did see some rooms with it hanging on their door. I think our check-in chica in training forgot to ask us if we wanted it. We walked in and were greeted by the hostess. I asked to sit in Alex’s section.

Meet Alex:

Hola! My name is Alex. I am going to be your waiter this morning.

We met Alex during our April/May 2008 visit. He was working at Las Brisas, which is another buffet restaurant. We would see him for lunch and he was the one who turned Zung on to his favorite lunch, shrimp fajitas. At that time they were not on the menu but Alex said to us one day, “You can get shrimp fajitas or quesadillas. They are not on the menu, but we can make them for you.” The shrimp fajitas must have been very popular because they ar enow on the menu. Alex is one of our favorites, so I was delighted to see that he was still here. He remembered us and said that someone had told him I had said hello about a month ago and he was wondering when we were coming back.

Seeing staff that remember us from visit to visit is one of the things that makes the Grand so special to us.

Alex brought us our coffee (for Zung) and tea (for me). We headed off to the buffet. Zung always gets an omelet and fruit and usually a fresh donut. I get a mini croissant, bacon and fruit, preferably mango. This morning I also got french toast. They will make eggs for you as well as pancakes and waffles. There are different types of sausages, cold meats and cheeses. There are cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, bars, breads, egg dishes. There is a huge selection and I am sure you could eat something every day for a week or two. There are about a dozen different fresh juices and a selection of teas. They are clearly trying to provide familiar breakfast options for an international clientele. There are also some ala carte options.

We chatted with Alex and then headed back to our room for the ritual slathering on of sunscreen.


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