Dinner at Toni’s Surf and Turf

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We got ready for dinner. There is a dress code for men. They must wear long pants. Some people dress nice for dinner and some people stretch the limits. IMO jeans with holes are not appropriate at any of the ala carte restaurants. I don’t care how much they cost. Women have no requirements and I have seen women in jeans and faded t-shirts. Most people however dress appropriately. I take any opportunity I can get to dress to the nines. Just be warned that men are required to wear long pants. Some people have gone and complained that they didn’t have ANY long pants and had to eat at the buffet because they didn’t know. And IMO – in this day and age of uber-information on the internet, there is just no excuse.

Okay. I will step off my soap box now and get back to blog writing.

Toni’s (sometimes spelled Tony’s) Surf and Turf is one of the more casual restaurants. I think the Italian/Venecia and Gourmet/L’Atelier are formal and Tony’s Surf and Turf and Haiku/Asian are less formal. Dress accordingly. (My email signature is “Life is a big event, dress for it.”)

Appropriately dressed young adults.

There are four ala carte restaurants. Toni’s Surf and Turf serves, well, surf and turf.

Zung and I left our room and knocked on the kid’s door. Alphonos, our wonderful butler came by and asked if we wanted him to let us in. We said yes and he said,”No one is in the room.” They have a special card that they can wave over a silver box on the wall next to the door that tells them if anyone is in the room. He said  it is a motion detector. He let us in and, indeed, there was no one in the room At this point he told us he saw the kids heading down toward the restaurants. Two of the ala cartes are in the main building on the second floor – Toni’s and Haiku. L’Atelier is on the Ground floor on the same end of the main building. Bella Vista will be covered in a later post, probably the next post. Venecia, the Italian restaurant is over by the lobby.

I was mildly shocked…no, make that moderately shocked to find our children waiting for us at Toni’s. Nicholas has taken “fashionably late” to a new level. Last year, at the Maya, I would tell him our reservations were 1/2 hour earlier than they actually were and then he wouldn’t be more than 5-10 minutes late for the actual reservation. But there they were, waiting for us! This vacation was really getting off to a kick-ass start!

We were seated. We were given menus and the wine menu. We ordered a bottle of champagne so we could toast our Milestones vacation in my favorite place in the world.

Toasting to our vacation

I will try to get menus to post and if I can’t, I will take pictures of them when I am there next month. I can’t remember  what we had for appetizers. I had something I didn’t like. Crab spider terrine I think. For main courses Zung and Nicholas got the Surf and Turf and reported it was very good. I had the arracherra, which was yum. Patrick had the rib eye and was pleased and Susie had the chicken. That comes with lobster, but she either said no lobster or gave it to someone else. She has been a vegetarian twice and the chicken looked good and she said it tasted good but she didn’t eat much of it. I think it looked to chickeny for her. She likes the boneless breast that bears no resemblance to the animal.

Can’t remember if we had dessert. I do remember that Patrick and I ordered a bottle of red wine that was very nice. We only drank two glasses from it, so I took it back to our room. I never did drink any more of it though. The boys had tequila shots.

Tequila shots

The meal at Toni’s was a winner. The food had mostly been good. In addition to the appetizers and main courses we had ordered various sides. If you order a caesar salad, they bring it with the main course. You can also order asparagus, potatoes lyonaisse (a baked potato comes with most meals, and tomatoes. There may be more, but this is what I remember.

I can’t remember our waiter’s name. I do remember he was attentive and did a great job.

Zung and I and Susie went back to the room. The boys went out to the disco.

They had “turned down” our room. This means they remove used towels, replace them with new towels, turn down the corners of the bed, leave chocolates, put scented oil in the burner with a lit candle, remove the rugs next to the bed and put down white cloths, maybe put the bathrobes on the bed…turn down the lights…it is calm and serene when you return to your room.

There was a bottle of chilled champagne waiting for Zung and I. We had a glass on the balcony.

We removed the rose from our bed and turned in after our travel day.

Buenos noches!

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  1. Awesome! Your pictures are great (what a beautiful family!) I was hoping to read your trip report. I am so glad that you started this blog. Can’t wait to read about the rest of your visit.

  2. Can you tell me if there is an extra charge for the champaign you ordered at the restaurant and the whole bottle of HC you ordered from your butler? Also, was it hard to get your a la carte reservations? My husband and I and another couple will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in November. We’ve been to several resorts in Mexico but we have yet to experience the Iberostar chain of resorts. your blog is very helpful and informative. Looking at the menus is making my mouth water!

    1. There was no extra charge for the champagne. There is a list of wines (red, white and champagne) that is part of the all inclusive. There were several champagnes to choose from. There is also a selection of wines that you can pay extra for. There is no charge for the full bottle of liquor they will being to your room. There are certain brands they won’t bring. My boys requested Don Julio and they said no and brought Jose Cuervo. They didn’t being the best bottle of Havana Club, but what they brought was still very good.
      Ala carte reservations are not hard to get if you are flexible in terms of time and place. During times of lower occupancy they will sometimes only have 2 of the restaurants open on a given night. Then the next night they will rotate them. We had to eat a little earlier than I prefer, (or we could have eaten later than I like). But it was not a big deal. I would recommend making the first couple nights reservations by email and then when you arrive go to the concierge and make the rest.
      You will love Iberostar. It’s a great vacation.

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