Our Milestones in Mexico Trip-A family vacation

I should introduce you to my family. I am Andrea, the mom, Zung is my husband of 31 years, he’s the dad, Nicholas is our oldest son, Susie is our daughter and the middle child and Patrick is the youngest.

This would be the kids first vacation to the Grand. We decided to bring them to the Grand because we were celebrating Susie’s 21st birthday (back in November) and her graduation from college with a degree in Spanish, and Patrick’s 18th birthday (just a couple weeks before our trip) and his graduation from high school. Zung’s birthday was in June as was our anniversary, and I’ve got the 25th anniversary of my 25th birthday coming up in October. My birthday requires its own special trip to Mexico though. Look for that next month (in 38 days to be exact).

The kids were excited to see if the Grand was really that much better than the Lindo and the Maya. The short answer, yea, it is all that and more.

Welcome to the Grand!

The grounds are lush and beautiful.

Lush and beautiful. Just gorgeous!

A lot of these pictures were taken during other trips than the Milestone trip.

Well, now that I know how to post pictures this blog should be more interesting.

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