Cloudy and Cool

Another sunrise.


Today is Azael’s day off.

I ask for Chillaquille’s, that are not too spicy. They give me them in red sauce. They are really good and they are not too spicy. They are just right.


I had some yogurt and some green juice. I’ve had this, and enjoyed it, before. This time it tasted too vegetable-ey.


Zung does not disappoint in his consistency.


It seems like it will be a nice day initially.


But it turns cloudy and cool. We try to warm up with Mimosas.



I move on to a mudslide, made by the marvelous Gabriel. He is an awesome beach waiter!


We watch the pelican.



We drink our way to lunch. I have the grilled fish of the day. It is grouper and it is SO good! How have I never tried this before? It is perfect with some fresh lime.


Guess what this is and who ate it?


Hugo has our special wine. We drink the entire bottle.



After drinking the entire bottle we go back to the room and sleep it off, until it is time to get ready for our romantic dinner.




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Rained Out

And again…


I slept nine hours. I never sleep nine hours. I never sleep eight hours. I’m thrilled if I sleep seven hours. After nine hours I felt much better. We went to breakfast and had Mimosas to celebrate my feeling better.


I had bacon and eggs over medium.


I’m not going to pretend like you don’t know what Zung had. He was celebrating the fact that the Broncos had done well.


We took pictures of Azael, so you know who is a really awesome waiter to look for when you go.


Once I got out to the beach, I continued celebrating the fact that I was feeling good.


Day 5


Some weather came in.


It was feeling on the cool side. I think this was the day that it rained a little bit and we ran inside and then it stopped raining and so we went back outside and then it started raining again and we went back inside. This all occurred within about five minutes.


We finally decided to just stay inside. Sort of. We filled the jacuzzi on the balcony.


When we got hungry, we headed over to Las Brisa for lunch.


I had the Tournedos and it was cooked perfectly.


Zung was happy with his shrimp fajitas.


We saw Hugo and I thanked him for getting us that wonderful wine the day before. He said he would get it for us again tomorrow, and asked if we wanted some at dinner tonight. We were eating at Toni’s tonight and I didn’t think it would go well with steak, so I declined. As it turned out, we both had fish so it probably would have been great.

The coconut ice cream was served with a strawberry, which always makes it extra delicious. Those leafy looking things are white chocolate leaves.


There was more time on the beach. Then we got ready for dinner.


Zung had soup and I had a caesar salad for apps.


I had the tuna, and while it was good and cooked well, I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t eat much of it.


Zung had the salmon, which he enjoyed.


At the end of dinner the Captain comes over and says he knows I like coconut ice cream (the word must be out) and asks me if I would like any. I decline since I am full.

We saw the always lovely Marianna. We know this would be the last trip we will see her, so we had to take some pics.


At the lobby bar a gentleman came up to us and asked me if I was Andrea from Iberostarrocks. Why yes, yes I am. Rockstar moment with Paula and Mike from Chicago. We had a nice chat with them.


We chatted with Eder. IMG_0982

Rafael came by and we have a long chat. I only drank water. I was feeling the effects of so much drinking.

If anything more happened, there was no photographical evidence. And sometimes, that is for the best.

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Dinner with Daniel

It is a beautiful day again. Zung gets up early enough to catch an actual sunrise.


I am not feeling so great though. I know what you’re thinking. Hangover. But this doesn’t feel like a hangover. I keep getting this too, on my trips here. A day where I just don’t feel good. My stomach doesn’t feel good and I get chilled off and on. It usually only lasts a day.

I send Zung off to breakfast by himself.


By the time he gets back I am feeling better and even order a Mimosa when we get to the beach.


Lunch is much like many other lunches we have had. Zung has his shrimp fajitas.


I have lobster and french fries.


And some white wine.


And of course, coconut ice cream. And from the looks of this picture, Zung had the coconut ice cream and I did not. I also see a glass of white wine next to his place, so I’m thinking that this was the day they got us a bottle of that amazing wine that we had on New Year’s day at Bella Vista. We drank the whole bottle. It was delicious. That’s probably the reason I didn’t have any ice cream. I was drinking my dessert.


We went back to the beach and took a nap, as is required by drinking a bottle of wine at lunch.

Tonight we were having dinner with Daniel and his son Matthew. We were going to a restaurant in Cancun. When we go out with Daniel, we get a golf cart ride to the entrance and wait for him there.


We give Matthew his Christmas present in the car. He likes Legos.


We passed by Hospiten Cancun, where Zung was treated when he had his heart attack eight years ago.


I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it had a big salad bar and it was one of those Brazilian places where they bring the meats around on skewers and you ask for whichever ones sound good to you. I was back to not feeling great, but it was a really good dinner. The food was good and it’s always nice to get to see Daniel outside of the Lobby Bar.

When we arrived back at Iberostar we asked the security guard to call us a golf cart. We got to enjoy the beautiful holiday lights while we waited.


We had the bell boy who picked us up take us to our room. I was not feeling good and hanging out at the Lobby Bar did not sound great tonight.

They had put some beautiful flowers in our room while we were gone.


The maid had left a rose for us as well.


I read for a short bit, but was very sleepy and still feeling chilled. I went to sleep and slept for nine hours. I never sleep that long and that seemed like further evidence that I had been sick. Fortunately, I felt much better in the morning.


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Just another day at the Grand

I’m going to be honest with you all, I was terrible at taking notes on this trip after my last post. I remember some things, but will be going mostly by pictures.

Zung orders a beer. I know that because I see it in this picture and he always orders a beer.


I ask for the wine I had yesterday at Bella Vista. My request is somewhat complicated by the fact that I don’t know the name of it, and can only say I asked for a Sauvignon Blanc and they brought me this other wine instead. There was much discussion, and the thought that perhaps it was a special wine left over from New Year’s Eve. Hugo came over and said they could not get it today, but they would have it for me tomorrow. I ended up with some other kind of white wine.

I have the tournedos and Zung has shrimp fajitas.


My steak is cooked perfectly.


You can see behind  my wine is a gift bag. We brought toffee that is made in Colorado by Enstrom’s to give to some of our favorite staff. I wish we could have brought more, but they were heavy, and we’d also brought a bottle of wine for Daniel and some Legos for his son, Matthew. We gave this one to Azael. He always has a lovely smile and provides spot on service. We look forward to seeing him every morning for breakfast and every afternoon for lunch. We miss him on his day off.

He brings us our coconut ice cream, which is always the perfect finish to our lunch. It’s extra good with strawberries.


I’m sure there was beach time after lunch, but the only picture I have is of jacuzzi time.


Dinner was at Haiku, the Asian restaurant.






We usually eat at a table as opposed to the Hibachi tables. They usually involve more time and we prefer the wok dishes anyway. You can order the Hibachi dishes at a regular table and wok dishes at the Hibachi tables.

After dinner we headed off to the Lobby Bar, taking some pictures along the way.




Daniel made us some drinks.


There may or may not have been chocolate cake shots.


And I may or may not have been photobombed.


We took some pictures with the staff.


That’s all I can tell what happened from my pictures.


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Room Service Stumble

I hope you don’t get tired of these pictures, because I don’t.



We wake up around 7:30, feeling kind of dazed (aka hungover). We remember we ordered breakfast and get up so we are ready by 8. Our delivery window is 8-8:30 and usually they seem to deliver earlier in the window. Soooo, we wait. And wait. It is 8:30 and we are still waiting. At 8:35 I say, how long do we wait? Right about then the phone rings. Zung answers it. It is someone from room service asking if our breakfast has arrived yet. He says no, it has not arrived. She says she’ll check on it. I tell Zung we should get dressed, because it is looking like we will need to go to Bella Vista if we want any breakfast this morning.

The phone rings again. I answer it and the woman from room service asks if our breakfast has arrived yet.

Me – No, it has not.

Her – Really? I wonder why not!

Seriously? I can’t believe this conversation is taking place.

Just at that moment there is a knock at the door. Finally, our breakfast has arrived.

We have them set it up on the balcony.


However, it is just too hot, so we take it inside. Can you imagine that, it is too hot in January?

There are mango Mimosas. We take them to the beach with us.


There is a massage tent set up on the beach. They apparently do braids too. Either that or they are head hunters. There is no sink and someone on the Grand Facebook board reported that they do not change the sheets on the massage beds. Germaphobe that I am, I will never get a massage here. Gotta love that palapa style umbrella though.


We go for a walk.


There is a mountain of seaweed, even though the seaweed is no longer a problem. I guess this stuff takes a while to decompose.


We do some ocean gazing.


We come upon a raft.



We found this starfish, out of the water, trying to get back in.


We gave him a hand.


I haven’t seen too many live starfish, so this was kind of cool.

We had worked up an appetite, walking and rescuing starfish. Lunch seemed like a good thing to do next.

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