My Shoes Find a Good Home


Dinner is at L’Atelier, also known as the Gourmet or French. It is a good dinner.

Zung starts out with the fried Brie. It is good but it is very rich.


I have the Tuna Tartare. It is what I always get because it is really good. It is served in a puddle of strawberry soup. Yum.


I can’t remember what Zung’s entree was. I get the lamb. It is really good, but I’m no longer used to eating a large piece of red meat like this and feel a little queasy afterwards.


I say no dessert for me. Our waiter thinks neither of us do, and when this becomes apparent, we tell him that Zung still wants his.


After we are finished with dinner we go to the Lobby Bar. We chat with Kathy, from my Facebook board, and her hubs, Brian, for a bit. I’m not sure where Brian is during this pic.


Dave an Tessa arrive.


There are drinks.


Lots of drinks.


Those are fancy berry mojito and margarita drinks.


At end of evening I complain that my shoes hurt, and  they are just not comfy and going in the give away pile when I get home. Tessa says if I’m going to give them away, throw them her way. They fit and I say they are hers. She offers me her NYE shoes and other things in trade but I say no, I’m just glad they are going to a good home where they will be loved.

We say good night to them, but stay in the bar until after one. We watch Daniel work hard.


I love coming back to a nice turn down. I always feel bad thinking, that’s so nice. And then sweeping the petals into the trash.


You would think staying up so late would wear me out. However, it is hard for me to fall asleep and I don’t until 2:30. Good thing tomorrow is not going to be a taxing day. Although, they rarely are here. Possible that is one of the reasons I love it so much.

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Day 3- Already???

Okay, so the truth is, my notes sucked for today too. I remember thinking that I was tired of taking notes every day. I must have stopped being so diligent at some point. When I tried to go back, well, let’s just say the combo of the hypnotizing sight and sound of the ocean and all those drinks all day are not my memory’s friend.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? It means lots of pictures (thank goodness for the fact that iphoto arranges pictures by date), and getting to read about my most recent trip sooner. I learned my lesson about not taking notes daily and was much more diligent this most recent trip.

I wrote that today was a beautiful, sunny day. All day. Then I talk about dinner. LOL.

We went to breakfast at Bella Vista. That and room service are your primary choices. You could also go to one of the other four hotels and partake of their buffets. And listen to the hoards of screaming kids. Who may or may not be running around and touching the food with their germy hands. That’s not an option I have ever chosen, but hey, I don’t judge. Some people may miss their children THAT much, and need a reminder of why they wanted to go to an adults only hotel. Doubt it, but anything is possible.

There is another option for breakfast, for those who want a quieter environment than the buffet, but not the seclusion of their room, and perhaps want that strong, bitter drink served in those tiny little cups. I believe it is called an expresso. Go to the Lobby Bar. They make all those fancy coffee drinks with their fancy coffee machine. They foam and they steam and do all that other fancy stuff. They have breakfast pastries in the snack case they is located there. I really must try this sometime, just for the experience. They have tea also, which is good, since I don’t like those bitter drinks known as coffee, unless the bitter coffee taste has been covered up with some kind of sweet syrup. So, I just stick with tea.

Proof of the beautiful, sunny day.


Proof that we go to breakfast.


Proof that I am drinking mimosas again.


Proof that I am adventurous and eat this weird fruit with slimy seeds. To find out what the name of it is, I looked up “slimy seed fruit.” It is actually the passion fruit. A lot of jokes and innuendo possibilities, but I’m not going to go there. The fruit on the left is a delicious mango and on the right is cantaloupe.


Proof that it is day three.


Proof that Zung is on the beach with me.


We do what we always do in the morning. The we do what we do when we get hungry. We go to lunch.

Zung gets what he always gets .


And I get what I always get…something different. I get the grilled fish today. It is so good, I wonder why I have not been getting this more often. It is different fish every day. Today it is one of the grilled fishes I like best. A mild whitefish of some kind. Grouper maybe?

You can also see that I am back to my lunch glass or glasses of wine. Let’s be honest, it is usually glasses.


This must have been payback for yesterday. (Did you catch the typo about Zung’s shot yesterday? It was too funny to correct.)


Proof that I don’t like tequila, no matter what else you put in it.


Since people can never get enough pictures of the grand pool at the Grand, here is one from the other side (as compared to the one taken yesterday). Damn, that is a beautiful site.


One of my favorite things to do on the beach is to order a bottle of champagne, because I can. We decide to do that today.


Eli looks pretty pleased that he uncooked the bottle.




I am thrilled that he brings us glass flutes (as opposed to plastic). Glass just makes it a more authentic experience.


I tell Zung that we cannot go back to the room until we finish the bottle, and here is proof that we did. In view of everything else we have had to drink, and are yet to still drink today, this is quite an accomplishment.


I think I am developing psychic powers because I can predict a hangover tomorrow.

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A New Day, A New Me

I sleep very well and feel much better when I wake up, but my appetite has not completely returned. We order room service and I just have some pastry and fruit. Zung has him omelette.


After breakfast we head out to the beach. Of course we do because that is what we do every day. Today is no exception.


I suspect there is nothing but soda water in that cup I’m holding. I think I eased back into drinking gradually.


Zung of course is drinking a margarita.

The weather is much nicer today. It is mostly sunny.

After some reading and sunning we head to La Brisa for lunch.

I bet you know what Zung had. If you guessed shrimp fajitas, then you would be right.


I have lobster quesadillas. This may have been the first time I asked for these. They were good.


I may not be as predictable as Zung, but of course, I always get french fries.


Dave and Tessa stop by and say hello. They are glad to hear I am feeling better. Dave gives us his little mini tripod and we take a picture with it so we can try it out.


I think I ordered a Tequila Boob Boom shot for Zung. At least the photographical evidence points to that.


Zung has some coconut ice cream. Since my stomach has been acting up I am staying away from things with milk and cream in them.


After lunch we head out to the beach again.


Wait! That’s not the beach.

This is the beach. There is a guy paddle-boarding out on the ocean. We are quite impressed with his ability to stay upright.



I’ll be honest. I took terrible notes this day, so most of my memories came from our photos. That helped me determine that we went back to our room and went in our balcony jacuzzi. And that I had a rum and coke.


We use the  little mini tripod, which is how we take this picture.


They also must have brought us flowers, which would be why we took this picture.


We go to the Mexican restaurant at La Brisa, but these were the only pictures we have. Not sure why there weren’t more. But there you have it. That was our day.



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Bar Crawl Fail

You were probably wondering if I was ever going to post again. I did take a few weeks hiatus. There was a lot going on at our house. We’ve been doing a kitchen facelift and I am completely thrilled with the results. Painted the cabinets and walls. New countertops and backsplash.

The really big event was that Zung turned 70 a couple of weeks ago. Zung is what every 70 year old should aspire to be. He was the key person behind a start up company that he and three others started a few years ago. He continues to work hard at making that a success. His hobby is racing an M3 BMW that is not street legal because of the modifications that have been made to it. Racing is his passion. It involves special helmets and fireproof clothes, including underwear. I have told him that if it gets to his underwear, the game is pretty much over though.

He’s not letting turning 70 slow him down.

We celebrated with a big bash by renting out our favorite casual restaurant, Pizzeria Locale and invited 50 of his family and closest friends. We had several people come in from out of town, including a few family members, which meant a houseful of guests. Even Nicholas and his girlfriend, Tizzy came from Italy to help celebrate. We rented a limo because Zung is usually the designated driver and that’s no fun at your birthday party. And I sure wasn’t going to be the DD. I was the party planner and was so proud of myself by not going over the top and even delegating a few things. Okay, one thing, I delegated the cupcakes to Susie. It was a great evening and I had a great time. Too great actually. I had a two day hangover. And then, we went on a 70th birthday trip to, you guessed it, the Grand!

But that trip report won’t come until I finish the current one.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog.

The decorations are very pretty at each hotel. The less expensive hotels however, have less expensive liquor. That ends up not mattering that much to me because I hardly drink anything. We do take lots of pictures though.

This first one is at the Grand.


Each hotel is decorated in its own unique style. This is at the Beach/Del Mar.


I give it the old college try and order a vodka and tonic here and at the next bar but don’t drink much of either.

Tessa looked lovely, as always.


Zung stuck to his margaritas.


I think this is from the Lindo, but the Beach and Del Mar may have had different trees.


Well, this is the Lindo. So that other one must be the Beach, or Del Mar. I can never keep them straight. I think the Del Mar was first.


The aquarium inside the bar at the Lindo.


The Maya.


The Maya is where I admit defeat. We were all supposed to go to dinner together afterwards. However, I had been feeling worse and worse and by the time we get here I knew I was not going to be going to dinner. I insisted that Zung go with Tessa and Dave though. He takes me back to the room first. I order a club sandwich, but am feeling so yucky by the time it arrives that I take about two bites and then give up on being able to eat.

Zung had a great time with Tessa and Dave. He comes back after dinner and I go to sleep early. Fortunately, I sleep well.


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New Year’s Day – Part 2: Tipsy Time

After huddling under a towel, in the cool weather, we decided to go to lunch.

This is me huddling.


We go to Las Brisa. Azael is not there, so we sit in Angel’s section. He takes good care of us. We later find out that Azael is in Bella Vista today for lunch.

I have some white wine, my go to beverage of choice for lunch. Zung has his go to beverage of choice, beer. Usually it is a Victoria, but sometimes he has a Modelo Negro.


We know about an off the menu item because of Dave and Tessa. Zung orders it. It is coconut shrimp. This is a big deal for him, to vary his menu choice for lunch. He said it was pretty good. But not good enough to keep having. As you will find out.


I have the grilled lobster and fries. With extra limes. Once you have lime with your lobster, you will not go back to butter. If it is good lobster, anyway.


I have three glasses of wine. Afternoons are tipsy time.

After lunch, we decide it is just too windy, and go back to the room to nap. We are meeting Dave and Tessa at 6 for a bar crawl. It is our first one. I am not sure how we have been to the Grand all these times and never done a bar crawl, but there it is.


I enjoyed being there with Tessa. She dresses up every night. And she wears fabulous shoes. We are always excited to see what the other one is wearing each night.

Zung wantes to know what time we were supposed to meet them at the lobby. Zung is notorious for being late. I like to say reservations are a suggestion for him, as opposed to a time he is supposed to show up. I tell him 5:45. We actually get to the lobby bar at that time.

I am not feeling great.

I realize that my hearing aid has died. And it is buzzing, which is terribly annoying. I go back to the room to remove it.

Don’t bother looking through the photos trying to see if you can see a hearing aid. It is a Lyric, which is called an “in the canal” hearing aid, which is just that. It goes deep inside the canal and cannot be seen. It stays in for three months, if I am lucky and have a good one. They are a little inconsistent. Anyway. I get back to the room, remove it, toss it in the trash and then get a ride back to the lobby. Dave and Tessa are there and I start our bar crawl with a glass of water, which I drink very quickly. I am trying to convince myself that I am merely dehydrated. Drinking only water on a bar crawl is no fun, is it now?

We have our first drinks (mine being water) and take a golf cart to the Del Mar.

Let the bar crawl begin!

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